Long-term Focus on Water-borne Coatings
Provide Overall Solution for the UV Coatings Industry Chain
Smartly Manufacture of Low-carbon Eco-friendly Products
We are the promoter of low-carbon eco-friendly products and providing overall solutions for whole UV coating industry chain at cosmetic packaging, wine packaging and auto parts market segments.
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Strength of Our Services
Starting with customer needs
continuously explore sustainable services for the whole industry chain.
Focusing on the whole industry chain, UVCHEM provides one-stop solution from resin synthesis, coating formulation, to application process, assembly line operation, coating performance testing. In addition, UVCHEM R&D center and testing laboratory provide value-added solutions to various market segments.
The Impact Of Our Products

Pursuing the product innovation from the very beginning of the company 20 years ago, with a strong and highly educated R&D team, UVCHEM persists in the development of market-oriented products, and create influence and leadership with innovative Products

Cosmetic&Wine Packaging

Abrasive resistance coatings - bulk transportation

Chemical resistance coatings - extend life cycle of product

Water-borne coatings - non-mandatory exhaust collection and treatment

PCR substrate coatings - suitable for different recycled substrates brands use

Auto Parts

High-performance UV coatings - extended life cycle, stain resistant and easy to clean

High-performance PVD coatings - alternative of water plating, various appearance and function

Water-borne UV high gloss coating - meet higher requirement of VOC emission regulations

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Product Performance

Passed famous brands' coating performance test, such as CS-8, Bulk transport mode test.
Pass coating performance test standard of 8th generation Wuliangye.
Pass coating performance requirements from major OEMs.

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Satisfying customer various needs, providing professional,
end-to-end support in time.

UVCHEM has been focusing on market and becoming a professional cosmetic packaging coatings manufacturer providing high-end product development, production and sales based on 20 years experience.UVCHEM provides direct and timely services to customers supported by well-established sales and technical service network, and geographically covered production locations and warehouses.

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