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Water-based paint - home appliances

  • Overview
  • Product recommendation
  • Engineering case
  • 一、Introduction of Water-borne UV coatings:
    Water-borne UV coatings, the combination of water-borne coatings technology and UV curing coating technology, using water as diluents, with no benzene, toluene, xylene, formaldehyde and etc organic solvents, have advantages of safe, green and efficient. It can be widely used in agriculture, light industry, textile industry and so on, like indoor furniture coating, automotive spare parts and vehicle coatings, and cosmetic, wine packaging industries coating.
    Outstanding advantages of water-borne UV coatings:
    1、Safe, nonflammable;
    2、Green,VOC≦12% ;
    3、Healthy, protecting engineers from toxic substance
    二、Water-borne Thermocuring Coatings
    perfume bottles,
    Wine bottles,
    Nail polish bottles etc.
    Prominent advantages:
    1、Safe :nonflammable;
    2、Green:  Low VOC emissions;
    3、Healthy: Low VOC emissions;
    4、Excellent performance:Good water and alcohol resistance.


  • 1. Recommended production technology of water-borne UV metalizing coatings:

    Note: The film thickness and UV energy depend on the requests of different application fields. Here we take the cosmetic packing coating as the example.
    2. Production technology:
    1、Mixing ratio: the main paint∶additive∶water∶fillers=100∶2∶10∶5-10%;
    2、Filtered by:400 mesh filter cloth;
    3、Coating process online: