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Traditional coatings - Cosmetic Package coatings

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  • UVCHEM cosmetics packaging coatings,primers and color paste system have stable quality and good functionality, such as adhesion, chemical resistance and good features, to meet the quality of L'Oreal, Estee Lauder, Procter & Gamble, Avon and other world-renowned cosmetics company Claim. Moreover, they are widely used:
    By package Material:
    Plastic: ABS, PP, PC, HDPE, PETG, acrylic, etc.
    Metal: alumina, aluminum, etc.
    By package function:
    Makeup: Lipstick, compact, mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, etc.
    Skin Care: Cover and bottle of cream,eye cream,lotion,cleanser,etc.
    Perfume: cover, bottle, bump, shoulder sleeve, etc.
    By package effect:
    UV vacuum Metalizing, UV varnish, aluminum (pearl powder) coating
  • 1, the main products





    ABS UV vacuum Metalizing coatings

    Basecoat: PM-5630 Series
    Topcoat: PM-5610 Series

    Excellent appearance and leveling, low UV energy curing and high performance, anti-emulsion 7 days, 80 ° C boiling water 2h.


    PP UV vacuum Metalizing coatings

     Primer: PP-XX
      Basecoat: PM-5930 Series
      Topcoat: PM-5610 Series
    Good appearance, good adhesion,
    Excellent performance of high temperature and humidity,
    Low yellowing after UV curing,
    Resistant G1 6h.
    PP, PE, metal, nylon, PET etc

    Hard UV varnish 

    PM - 5510 series
    PM - 5105 series

    High hardness, high fullness, high wear resistance.

    Directly applied onto ABS, with color or after Aluminum(Pearl) coating.

    UV varnish for hot stamping

    PM-5809 Series

    Excellent hot stamping performance and good shining and appearance.

    Directly applied onto ABS, with color or after Aluminum(Pearl) coating.

    UV vacuum Metalizing Topcoat for hot stamping

    PM-5610H series

    Good appearance and hot stamping performance.

    ABS, PP vacuum Metalized products

    Glass UV vacuum Metalizing coatings

       Basecoat: PM-5330KC
        Topcoat: PM-5610 Series

    Excellent appearance and adhesion,good resistance to perfume,boiling water.


    Glass UV varnish

    PM-5510G series

    Appearance and good adhesion, good resistance to perfume.


    In addition to these major cosmetics packaging material, UVCHEM also has a good solution to some special substrates that difficult to obtain good adhesion, such as HDPE, PCTA, sarin, K material, nylon,etc.

    2, Application Technology
    UV vacuum metalizing coating Flow:

    NOTE: dotted box portion, do as necessary.

     UV coating process Flow:

    1, Directly applying varnisht

    2, aluminum powder, pearl paint) cover light:


    NOTE: dotted box portion, do as necessary.