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UVCHEM was recognized by the national coating Standards Committee

       On 2nd and 3rd December 2015, Zhejiang UVCHEM Special coatings Co., Ltd. As a national standard, "UV-curable coatings assess storage stability" the main drafting units, participated in national standard "measurement of UV-curable coatings volatile matter content" meeting, got praises by national coating standards committee.

        On 2nd and 3rd December 2015, Zhejiang UVCHEM special coatings Co., Ltd. Invited to attend Branch of the Seventh TC5 standard committee and the inaugural meeting, and TC5 standard committee annual meeting in Nanjing. The main contents of the meeting were:
1. Read the National Standardization Management Committee " National Standardization Technical Committee of paints      and  pigments (SAC / TC5) and its six sub-technical committee general approval";
2. Honor the advanced units which contribute to paint and pigment industry standardization in 2015 ;
3. Listen to the sixth paints and paint standards committee work report;
4. Review of the National Standardization Technical Committee pigment paint charter and Secretariat work details;
5. Review the row labeled projects which will be declared in 2016, paint and paint standards, as  well as standard committee Financial management;
6. Group review of national standards and industry standards manuscript.

UVCHEM set up special scholarships at the Beijing University of Chemical Technology