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Celebrate UVCHEM reach cooperation with Shanghai University Of Engineering Science

8 November,2013,UVCHEM and Shanghai University Of Engineering Science collaboration negotiate meeting held in school employment office.Our R&D center manager Mr Lv,admistrative department manager Mrs Chen and professor Shaoguo Wen ,doctor Jihu Wang of department of Chemistry and Chemical,Shanghai University Of Engineering Science talk over with collaboration negotiation.Professor Shaoguo Wen said:Shanghai University Of Engineering Science wish to set up a comprehensive strategic cooperation relations upon‘Train,reeducation,new industrial research’ ,for this destination,Shanghai University Of Engineering science will try their best.On 22 November,professor Shaoguo Wen came to our company to learn more about us and had a friendly talk with general manager Mr Liu.Now,we had one more collaborate school,providing students with a employment platform which is a good place for them to exploit their talent.

Held training course“Occupation etiquette and occupation moral”
Tsinghua university professor to our company through tutoring