Growth Process

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Initial  building  period(2001-2004):
2001,Shangyu Shunhua Chemical Co., Ltd. was established;
2001,The first generation of UV varnish PM-5105 was born, it was incorporated into the L'Oreal product specifications in 2005;
2002,Began to develop UV vacuum metalizing coatings;
2003,For defining the company’s position and the development directions, the company changed its name to Shangyu UVCHEM special coatings Co., Ltd.;
2003,The first generation of UV vacuum metalizing coatings(PM-5630 & PM-5610) was born;
2004,  UV vacuum metalizing mature products for ABS,PP and glass are available for the cosmetics and liquor packaging;
Rapid growth period(2005-2007):
2005,Established a collaboration with the vends of L'oreal, Estée Lauder, P & G etc;
2006,Began to export to Europe;
2007,Organized a experienced customer service team in our company;
Growth period(Since 2008):
2008,Import of lean production and Company-wide quality managementt (CWQM) system;
2009,The first factory with the area of 10 acres put into use;
2010,Launch up the waterborne UV coatings projects ;
2011,Increase the registered capital to 500 million, and change the company name into ZheJiang UVCHEM special coatings Co., Ltd.;
2012,Cooperated with Dr. Yang Mingjun returned from Europe, R & D center was established, responsible for the development of waterborne UV coatings projects;
2013,The second factory with the area of 30 acres was completed and put into use;
2014,Awarded the National High-tech enterprise by the state;
      Successfully held the first session of radiation curable Industry Forum - waterborne UV curable technology and industry topics
2015,Take part in the formulation of coatings national standard.
      Successfully purchased one coatings factory in Jiangsu.
       Has assessed as "UV material provincial high-tech enterprise R&D center"