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Environmental Health and Safety

UVCHEM always devoted itself to supplying innovation, performance, energy saving, environmental protection, safety (excellent) products, thorough, comprehensive and sincere (excellent) service, to meet the growing demands of the market .
We always focus on improving the performance of UV vacuum metalizing coatings,to replace the traditional water plating and aluminum oxidation process, and began to the development of waterborne coatings since 2010,to provide more enviromental protection,more security products for customers and the community.
Our safety and Environmental Protection Division was established in 2010, directly report to general manager, take charge of the company’s safety and environmental protection, and their participation in the formulation and revision of all relevant documents and safety management, equipment maintenance , monitoring the implementation of the security system by production and other departments , and in a company-wide implementation of the "False alarm escalation" activities, through its own staff to actively participate in the company's escalation safety management activities to forecast and prevent the accident , and take measures timely to aviod great loss.
The company will regularly organize staffs to do an annual health examination, organize employees to have tertiary safety training, and all kinds of different positions of emergency exercises.